“A caffeine drink that actually tastes good - I was genuinely surprised with how tasty it was." 
Kekoa H.
I was blown away by the taste and quality of the product. Almost like a dessert with none of the concerns that come with eating a dessert.”
Kyle G.
“This product is very chocolatey and delicious - it gave me a ton of energy even when I drank small amounts of it. I expected it to be good, but I didn't expect them to leave me feeling so energized and good about myself.”
Anna M.


”Taste was great and smooth - like an iced mocha but better! Has many different solid flavors, plus doesn't have any sugars. If you are sensitive to caffeine like me, the L-Theanine really helps!”
Blake F.


”High impact chocolate energy drink that is low sugar - I love the product!! So fun.”
Amanda C.
”A great morning energy drink that has great flavors that are not overwhelming. It is something I could drink daily.”
Quinn T. 
“I used it as a pre-workout and the flavors all met my expectations. It worked far better than my normal cup of coffee that I use as a pre-workout.”
Eli T.
”A great tasting and refreshing drink - much better than other energy drinks because its smooth taste makes it easy to drink. I'm not usually a fan of energy drinks but this one was great.”
Michael W.
”Tastes great with tons of benefits. Sometimes energy drinks are weird tasting and have bad things/fake ingredients (Red Bull for example). This is way more natural and includes much better ingredients for you while still giving the same results.”
Marisa R.
”I really enjoyed this product! I’m not huge into energy drinks because of their usual flavors and chemicals they put in them. But I really appreciated these flavors and ingredients.”
Jessica G.
”A chocolate based energy drink with natural ingredients that ensures you feel the best all while getting energized to take on the day - better than I was expecting!”
Franklin T.
”Like chocolate milk but with caffeine! I really liked the ease of just opening the bottle instead of having to make coffee.”
Morgan D.
”Tasty, chocolate based energy drink that gets you moving in the right direction. Exceeded my expectations."
Nolan W.
”Super yummy caffeine drink that's actually good for you!”
Haley G.
”Great for a healthy pick-me-up in the afternoon with some pretty interesting (in a good way) flavors. I had no idea what to expect, but some of the flavors blew me away!”
Walker C.