What's Up! We're Tom and Sean - We Started Savor


We believe you should never have to sacrifice on taste in order to remain healthy – regardless of what your health goals are.

With that in mind, when we found ourselves reaching for an energy beverage as college students, we noticed there were really only two options: coffee and “energy drinks”.

We loved the idea of coffee – it was indulgent, sweet, creamy, and was something you could look forward to having in the morning. Unfortunately, we just didn’t love the taste of coffee -  and almost all the options in stores were loaded with sugar and calories. Additionally, the energy boost was short-lived, it caused us jitters and often led to an energy crash. 

Energy drinks were the complete opposite end of the spectrum. All the options were essentially just hyper-caffeinated sodas - they were artificially fruit-flavored, carbonated and loaded with unfamiliar ingredients. Put simply – they didn’t taste good, and definitely weren’t something that we looked forward to having in the morning to start our day. We wanted a balanced boost that helped us stay focused and productive - not something that made us want to run through a brick wall.

After looking at the positives and negatives to each option, we asked ourselves - why isn’t there an indulgent energy drink focused on the experience and taste, similar to a latte coffee? Something to form an experience around every morning the same way people do with their coffee - but with additional functional ingredients beyond just caffeine.

We set out to create an indulgent, taste-first drink that provided a balanced boost of energy and promoted a state of focus. We were passionate about our health and nutrition - so while priority #1 was for it to taste amazing, we also needed it to be low calorie, sugar-free, and contain nothing artificial.

We got to work formulating the product from scratch - and after over a thousand personally-formulated iterations (not an exaggeration) over the course of nearly two years, we ended up with a hot chocolate that blew anything we had ever had out of the water – both in terms of taste and effectiveness.

It was the perfect solution to our problem and gave us something to look forward to every morning, while also keeping us energized and focused as we graduated college and entered the working world. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.