Our Ingredients


Savor is made from just 7 all-natural, plant-based ingredients.. It also fits a wide variety of dietary restrictions!  Savor is gluten-free, dairy-free, and keto-friendly (0g net carbs)

Cocoa - We spent over a year sourcing, taste testing and formulating to find the highest quality cocoa possible for Savor. We think we found the best there is. The end result is an incredibly rich, bold, chocolatey taste that is sure to please any chocolate lovers palette.

Caffeine - Caffeine promotes a state of wakefulness and has been shown to increase subjective well-being for a lot of people! We use 150mg of all-natural caffeine extracted from green coffee beans in our regular Savor product. Provides an energy kick you would expect from ~1.5 cups of coffee. 

L-Theanine - (extracted from Green Tea) balances the effect of caffeine, prevents anxiety/jitters and promotes a state of focus. We use 150mg of L-theanine to create a 1:1 ratio with caffeine. We found this ratio maximizes the positive effects of caffeine and L-theanine.

Electrolytes - Potassium and magnesium from Cocoa, sodium from pink Himalayan salt. Helps you rapidly hydrate, fight fatigue and leaves you feeling refreshed.

Allulose - A sweetener that can be found naturally in figs, raisins, and jackfruits. Allulose has the same taste, mouthfeel, and texture as sugar, but only around 70% of the sweetness. Allulose also has ~1/10th the calories of sugar (Allulose= 0.4 Calories per gram; Sugar = 4.0 Calories per gram)

Monk Fruit - A sweetener found naturally in the Luohan Guo plants native to Southern China and Northern Thailand. Monk Fruit contains mongrosides, which are around 200 times sweeter than sugar. We add a dash of monk fruit on top of the Allulose to create a sweetened taste that's nearly identical to sugar. It’ll definitely satisfy your sweet tooth without aany guilt or negatives to your health!

Guar Gum - A thickening and stabilizing fiber naturally found in guar beans (legumes).