Taste is our first priority. That's why we use real chocolate.

What is Savor?

Savor is a chocolate energy drink that allows you to curate your perfect morning experience. An indulgent treat you can look forward to having every day, guilt-free.

We designed Savor to take the best of both worlds from coffee and energy drinks. Kind of like a latte, just with chocolate instead of coffee. Kind of like an energy drink, just with a balanced boost of energy to help you get stuff done (not run through brick walls). 

Unique, but familiar. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

About Us

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"This product is very chocolatey and delicious - it gave me a ton of energy even when I drank small amounts of it. I expected it to be good, but I didn't expect them to leave me feeling so energized and good about myself."

Anna M

”A great tasting and refreshing drink - much better than other energy drinks because its smooth taste makes it easy to drink. I'm not usually a fan of energy drinks but this one was great.”

Michael W.

“I love Savor, every time I have some, I swear it tastes better somehow too”

Martin O.

“Savor tastes absolutely great - As someone who doesn’t like the taste of coffee, this is a great alternative to get some caffeine!”

Cassidy K.

“I’ve craved Savor everyday since I had it. It makes me feel fantastic every morning!”

Hunter H.

Start your day with chocolate